Today a P9. Soon to be put on for sale by you.

With the P9's, Batouwe secures the size of your sales more quickly. Each season scores in terms of profit.


P9. About optimal growth and 12 percent savings in labour.

When you select the Batouwe P9 (18 compartments) you will be assured of your first advantage. You will be supplied with a well-shaped, compact plant that grows quickly. Additionally, this plant will easily save you 12 percent in terms of labour! You will be laying the foundations for good growth.

We provide a large range of P9 shrubs, including the more difficult, slow-growing varieties. These shrubs require a great deal of attention to cultivate them successfully. At Batouwe, we give them all the attention that they need. A Batouwe P9 (18 compartments) is cultivated at Batouwe for two years under optimal conditions; the first year as a cutting, and the second year as a P9 (18 compartments).

Jaap Kooistra

our P9 specialist

These shrubs are unique because:

  • they are homogeneous
  • they have been pruned twice - the plants are thus more compact and require no further pruning
  • the shrubs provide up to 12 percent savings in terms of labour because of the special 18-hole tray. No more individual plant pots, but rather 18 P9’s on one tray. The plants are easy to remove from the tray, which enables them to be potted up much more quickly.
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