3 million cuttings per year. Ready for growth.

As a result of our strong, well-rooted and hardened cuttings, you have a head start when it comes to growing.

A cutting from Batouwe can be identified in a nursery. And in the sales figures.

The quality that you, as a grower, can supply begins with the quality of your cuttings. That is where you can get a head start! That is specifically why an increasing number of growers choose Batouwe cuttings. Our cuttings stand out. They are strong and, as a result of the expert attention that they receive, they are ready to grow in your nursery straight away. As a state-of-the-art propagation company, we have unrivalled in-house expertise and our cuttings receive our full attention.

We specialise in shrubs. We have approximately 500 varieties (see product range), including a remarkable number of shrubs that are difficult to propagate. In our propagation greenhouse, we produce almost 2.5 million cuttings annually. We do that under carefully controlled environmental conditions, resulting in the growth of strong, well-hardened cuttings.


our Cuttings specialist

Most growers are very enthusiastic about our cuttings because:

  • they are homogenous (no major variations within batches)
  • they have a head start in terms of growth; they have been pruned by us several times and supplied with nutrients
  • our aim is to deliver at least 90 per cent of the contract, loss or no loss in our greenhouses
  • they are delivered according to customer requirements, in the desired trays or container pots
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Let your returns keep on growing

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