About us

Helping to improve the business results of growers by delivering high quality products is Batouwe’s mission. With this vision, Willem and Henk Huibers established their propagation business in 2005. Customers across the whole of Europe bear testimony to Batouwe’s quality. They are supplied with strong plants or trees that are ready for all-round vigorous growth.

These cuttings and grafts come from our propagation company’s two locations. Batouwe’s main location is in Dodewaard, where we have over 4 hectares, including 1 hectare of greenhouses. At this location we also rent 2 additional hectares.

The necessary wintering area

In order to meet the growing demand for our cuttings, P9 (18 compartments) and grafts, we have acquired a location in Elburg, where we have over 2.5 hectares, including 1 hectare of greenhouses, just as in Dodewaard. This means that we have sufficient space during the winter period.

We have very experienced staff at both locations, which is essential for producing top quality products. We guarantee high standards. Discover our service and quality when you come along for an introductory visit at Batouwe!

3 million cuttings per year. Ready for growth.


Top quality

Discover our service and quality when you drop by for an introductory visit!

Let your returns keep on growing

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